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What does blue mean? Is blue a color or is blue a scented sensation? Where do I find blue? In things, in the air or inside myself? Blue is a universe of sensations, while women’s perfumery has long been expressing all the nuances of one creation, declining it in interpretations ranging from Eau de Toilette to Extract, men rarely enjoy intense concentrations. Imagined by Olivier Polge in collaboration with Laboratoire Parfums CHANEL, this new fragrance releases all the power of BLEU DE CHANEL without ever raise your voice. The nose perfumer Olivier Polge has chosen another way to evoke the intensity. His presence progressively fills the space with one essential refinement. An olfactory nobility that imposes itself with authority, Parfum BLEU DE CHANEL modulates the proportions of wood and citrus of the two previous declensions. Immediately recognizable, the olfactory heart of the first fragrance remains tattooed on the skin. We distinguish the opening chords, the peels refreshing and the fresh effect of lavender and geranium. Soon, the cedar begins to pulsate in the heart of the formula, crossing it like a spinal column rooted in the ground and projected towards the sky. But at this point it comes on the scene another wood, which slowly envelops the cedar, makes its way up to the surface and makes all its power vibrate. It is a sandal. Coming from the Nuova Caledonia is a rare wood cultivated also thanks to the safeguarding of the supply chain implemented by CHANEL. Fractionated, purified and freed of what burdened him, this sandalwood reveals both its strength and its softness. It makes more full-bodied persistence, intensifies it and at the same time leaves it free to express its delicacy. A noble energy that one cannot do without once proven.